Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fort Nelson BC to Watson Lake Yukon Territory - Day 2

North part of BC- Narrow RoadsThe morning of the 2nd day of my Conga dawned bright and shiny and I was eager to get on the road and the next leg of this great adventure. I hit the highway at 7 am after a great breakfast at the Super 8 in Fort Nelson.  The roads here in the north part of BC are relatively narrow and the scenery is stunning.

As far as the eye can see is forest - and the smells - man you can't beat the scent of pine and grass and clover...Although it was sunny, it was cool and at Tetsa River I pulled in to get fuel and a coffee - what a funky little place and as I was soon to find out there are many unique and quirky places along the road.

My first impression of the place was the sign on the fuel pump.
At Fuel Pump
Well - the price was $1.54 a litre so I can understand the sign! (As I would find out later at Muncho Lake though $1.54 was CHEAP! Muncho is well know for gouging people and the price there was a shocking $1.84 per litre! OUCH))  

I had a giant cinnamon bun and a coffee, the cinnamon bun was fresh out of the oven and gooey, the coffee was hot and really good but man $7 was a wee bit steep....the cost of trucking supplies up here makes everything far more expensive.

 The scenery in this part of the country is stunning. The roads are filled with big sweepers and lots of game.

Caribou on the side of the road licking salt
Caribou on the side of the road licking salt
  A buffalo enjoying the sun on the side of the road
A buffalo enjoying the sun on the side of the road
I saw mountain goats, Dahl sheep, buffalo, caribou, black bear and moose. It was fabulous - the mountains, the rivers, the canyons - I can not express how gorgeous - my senses were on over load.

I got in to Watson Lake at about 2:30 in the afternoon and went and spent some time in the worlds largest display of stolen property - the Sign Forest!
stolen property

Sign Forest!

After taking a walk through the sign forest I went and saw my buddy Dewey and let him know I had arrived and then went to my hotel to check in.

The Big Horn is an older hotel, but it is clean and has plentiful hot water. The front desk area is very tiny and the hotel itself is very long and narrow. There isn't much for parking and it is all hard packed gravel. The staff are friendly and really knowledgeable about the area. The bed was really amazingly comfortable - it had that memory foam on it and my sore old back sure appreciated it.
Big Horn Hotel

 Lobby of the Big Horn Hotel
The Lobby of the Big Horn Hotel

My Room at Hotel
My room - not large, but comfortable and clean with a really, really great bed!

Later that evening, Dewey took me for supper with some of his friends from Brinks and then for a tour of some of the area businesses that are rider friendly. One business was the Air Force Lodge which is rider owned. What a beautiful property and Mike is so friendly. His patrons love him too.

There is something so special about the people of the north - their hospitality and kindness is so genuine - they make you feel like you have been a life long friend and that they are genuinely pleased to know you. I find that so refreshing compared to some of the places I have been in my life.

I already have so many stories to share with you - tomorrow I will share articles on Nugget City and Dawson Peaks - two of our Rider Friendly Business Association member businesses and the trip from Watson in to Whitehorse...Until tomorrow - ride safe everyone!

Belt Drive Betty

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