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Day 4 - Whitehorse to Beaver Creek and the home of the Famous Buckshot Betty

I stayed at the High Country Inn in Whitehorse and I will be doing a hotel review for Day 6 - for now though I want to take you on to Beaver Creek where I finally met the infamous/famous Buck Shot Betty

The road from Whitehorse to Beaver Creek is really good until you hit Destruction Bay.

There are lots of fuel stops along the way but I will advise you to pack some octane boost in your saddle bags as most only have regular fuel.

Talbot Arms at Destruction Bay has premium fuel and many riders stop there for that reason, but…DO NOT EAT HERE. The food is awful and exceedingly over priced for what you get!

After Destruction Bay, the road becomes full of frost heaves and pot holes and lots of construction. So what is the key to making these 160 or so kilometres more pleasant to ride? Well – patience, slow down and ride – this is a road you HAVE to have your wits about you on. And if you are riding solo and have floor boards, stand up on them to ride, it give you better visibility, protects your suspension and makes tourist look at you in a very strange way!

The countryside is stunning and there are many places for photo opportunities along the way – take your time and enjoy them!
When I arrived at Buckshot Betty’s I was unsure what to expect. I have known Carmen over the phone and internet for 9 years but had never met her.

Was I ever in for a surprise – this tiny, diminutive little gal that stood before me was not at all what I expected.

me and Carmen
Me and Carmen
You see Carmen has carved a life for herself here in Beaver Creek. She has done so through determination and hard work and other than for staff has done so all by herself.
She is well known and well respected – her cooking and baking is famous as is her work ethic. Up at 5 am and falling into bed most nights at 2 am, this one woman dynamo has rightly earned the song that is written about her.

Not only is she a fabulous baker and cook (Her cinnamon buns are touted as the “Best Buns on the Highway”) but she did most of the artwork and photography that graces the walls, she built the tables and chairs – the lamp covers and is just utterly amazing in her talents.

I felt like I found a sister in Buck Shot Betty – watching this lady work made me tired!
She just never stops.

The cool touches
The cool touches in the bar Carmen made
Another One Made by Buck Shot
Notice the tables - they have cards buried in them - again - made by Buck Shot herself!
When she first decided to start Buck Shot Betty’s she had purchased the old visitors centre for her kitchen – last year she was finally able to build a new facility that is wheel chair friendly, has a laundry room, showers for the tenters and truckers that are wheel chair accessible, has a full service bar, a gift shop and the restaurant.
The camp ground
Stage one of the motorcycle only camp ground
Her baked goods are famous up and down this highway and dollar for dollar – the value she provides in the meals she serves is one of the best on the highway.

Buck Shot Betty’s owner, Carmen Hinsen rides a 1994 sporty that was in Whitehorse being serviced and she tells me that although she doesn’t get to ride as often as likes to, she often heads out at the end of a day if only to ride 10-15 kms to clear her brain. Her Motorcycle Camp Ground is almost done, she still wants to add more tenting boxes – designed to drain well in case of rain.

When I got there she was embarrasses because she had not had time to weed eat and mow – it had been raining steadily until the day before I arrived.  As I was to find out – Carmen is one lady who takes great pride – fierce pride in her independence and the tidiness and cleanliness of her place.

Lady Making LaughThe lady has an infectious sense of humour and when she comes out of the kitchen in her buns shorts – she cracks her patrons up with this deep giggle and says “Any one call for a cinnamon bun? I been sweating my ass off making them!”  Out come cameras – laughter is heard from EVERYONE and she has this smile that makes everyone love her.

 Her cabins are clean and have showers with oodles of hot water – the beds are sooo comfy. I watched satellite TV for about 10 minutes before fatigue saw me slumber off.
The two Cabins with Satellite TV
Just two of the 5 cabins that all have wireless, satellite TV, showers AND great beds!
The Sun in the next morning
The next morning – the sun was out and the smells coming from the kitchen were calling.
This is with out a doubt, one of the busiest places on the Alaska Highway – the food is great, abundant and very much appreciated by travellers and locals alike.

After spending a couple of hours doing some commercials and PSA filming it was time to say good bye but I know this much – I WILL be back – I fell in love with this place and the people and well as I said earlier – I feel like I found a sister!

Buckshot Bettys
General Delivery
Beaver Creek
 YT Y0B 1A0

Latitude: 62.383753
Longitude: -140.875303
PH: (867) 862-7111
Fax: (867) 862-7117
Web Site:

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